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Helping our community

Recently we were contacted by our local Netball club to print a banner to help promote the girls at netball events. It became very apparent to us that this club was struggling and so we decided to help out where we could.

They had no artwork and the only form of design they had was on the club sports shirt. This provided a huge challenge as we had to create a banner that was consistent with the shirts but was also printed in a different process.

Thankfully, the lady we were dealing with was awesome to work with and together we managed to create an exact colour match and design with our software using the latest technology.
The rest of the process was easy and we went to print with the banner. Not only were they ecstatic with the results but other people have actually contacted us and requested banners for themselves.

We were lucky enough to be invited to the annual presentation evening. We were amazed at these young girls and their zest for life and how much the club meant to them. During the evening it was revealed how much the club had struggled as the fundraising events that they would normally do during the year could not happen due to Covid.

We are proud to be able to help and give to the community it is all part of being who we are.

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